Our Story

Little Jonesies began in 2015, just after having our twin boys, Haze & Kruze, aka The Little Jonesies! I was only 20 years old when I became pregnant and still going to school at the time, while my High School sweetheart, Kayson, was working construction with my dad.

After finding out we were having twins, reality quickly set in as the bills started piling up.. Buying two of everything is no joke! And all those cute little matching outfits I was so excited for, wasn’t practical at the time. ( the necessities right?! ) So I took things into my own hands and made them myself! I was still living at my parents so I was making them out of their basement.

A few months went by and my pregnancy was going as planned, until one morning I woke up and my water broke unexpectedly at 31 weeks! Luckily, the doctors were able to stop my contractions and our sweet boys arrived one week later. They were still 8 weeks premature, but we were incredibly blessed with their strength and health with no serious complications.. Although, little did we know, they would both spend almost three long months in the NICU due to difficulties with feedings and reflux. We were able to visit our boys each and everyday, but leaving without them was the hardest thing I've ever done. It felt like a never ending battle..

After finally being able to bring our boys home, everything was going great and they were both thriving! A couple of months later I began making onesies again. Family and friends would often ask to make some for them, and that's when I decided to open my first little “shop” on Etsy! I thought if I could make a little extra income while being home with my boys that would be a huge relief for us! And to my surprise, the sales started coming within minutes! I couldn’t believe it!

To this day I am still in awe of the love and support we’ve received ever since! After one year of launching, Kayson had to leave construction to learn more about screen printing, and order fulfillment! We then moved into our first home and ran our business from there, filling up our entire basement and garage with inventory and equipment. Soon after, we could no longer keep up on orders between the two of us, so we decided to hire some help. With two new employees coming and going out of the house, and juggling raising twins, It was a little chaotic at times to say the least! But we pushed through and quickly outgrew that space once we got into women's apparel!

Fast forward to today, we’ve moved into our second warehouse with our amazing team of 7! We now have our own little store front on the historic Downtown Main Street in Payson, UT. So all you locals, come check us out! We'd love to see you!


Our focus has always been to create high quality items that are comfortable, stylish + affordable! Little Jonesies has become a family brand that I will forever be grateful for!

With Love, The Little Jonesies Family

Kayson, Bailey, Kruze & Haze